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Aid For All

Music is beautiful. And having the talent to play music is something even more valued. Yet very rarely can one share his or her musical talent with others, the only choice they have are to participate in obscure recitals and concerts that no one attends. And very rarely can others enjoy live music, concerts that come around very rarely are usually the only option. However, everyone will admit that listening to music live is much more interesting than listening to music off a phone or radio. The solution? Benefit Concerts. These concerts can bring people together under the reason of helping others. Both the performers and audience feel satisfaction. The audience can enjoy live music and help out a worthy cause and the performer can share his or her talent and also help a cause. 


recent programs

Aid 4 All is holding a benefit concert on the 17th of December in order to purchase school supplies for underprivileged children in Chula Vista.

What we do

Aid 4 All is still a very new, developing nonprofit organization. Currently Aid 4 All lacks the funds and the manpower to work internationally, therefore the organization is focusing on working locally. We raise funds through various events, such as benefit concerts, sports tournaments, and art fundraisers and use the money to purchase materials for the less privileged people in the world. The good part is that almost every ability can be used for good, therefore almost anyone can help others by using their abilities to raise money. Although Aid 4 All is very small, we are hoping to expand internationally in the future. 


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mission & vision

Aid 4 All is an organization focused upon using often unused and overlooked talents such as music and sports in order to help the underprivileged.

I began to learn piano when I was 4. Now I'm 16 and the one part of piano that I can clearly remember is that piano is a lot of work. In order to get a Certificate of Merit, there is a piano test every year where you have to memorize 3 or 4 songs and play them in front of a judge. Each year the songs get progressively harder, stopping at year 10. This last year, I played only 5 pieces in order to make them perfect. 365/5 = 73 hours per song. 
In order to do this, a piano player must practice around an hour every day, 365 days of the year. All these years, there were numerous times when I would think "Why am I still doing this? What's the point of piano?". It didn't make me more popular, or make me any smarter. A finished music piece is beautiful, however behind the sound is the lonely process of hours of agonizingly tedious and boring repetition. And what is there to gain? Very few piano players can gain state/national recognition and make careers. Most players enter in a couple competitions and earn a plastic medal for effort and that's it. The music society is a very small society. But I decided not to give up piano, because I had already stuck with it for so long and it meant something to me. Once I finished, again I couldn't do anything with my piano skill. Instead, it had to stagnate. This is a problem faced by piano players everywhere, every single one of my friends who also played piano stopped after completing level 10. I created Aid 4 All in order to put my skills into use and help others at the same time.

Derek Ning, Junior at Pacific Ridge School

Foundation Origins

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